Would You Like to Dramatically Reduce Your Urge to Binge – in 8 Weeks or Less?

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If so, I may be able to help you.  You already know how destructive the binge-purge cycle is to you physically and emotionally, and if you’re like most bulimia sufferers, you are desperate for a solution.

Perhaps you are looking for a solution that is both affordable and home-based.  Let’s face it, most of us “regular” people can’t afford to check ourselves into a clinic for several months to recover from our conditions.

How Scientific Research Unlocked the Secret to Lifelong Recovery From Bulimia

In 1944, a scientist by the name of Ancel Keys conducted a large study which many people believe proved that each and every behavior associated with bulimia nervosa can be traced back to a restrictive diet.

Yes, according to the research cited on the website BulimiaHelp.Org, it’s very possible that your bulimia isn’t the result of a genetic deformity, a psychological abnormality,  or some bad wiring in your brain.

Instead, according to Dr. Keys’ research, it may be the result of something you might never have suspected – a restrictive diet.  That’s right.  Every symptom of bulimia could be the result of none other than the severely limited calorie diets many of us were told we should follow to be healthy.

How Can a Restrictive Diet Lead to Every Symptom of Bulimia?

At the end of this article, I am going to refer you to a fascinating story of bulimia recovery told by Ali Kerr and her husband, Richard.  Their story explains in much more detail how all this works, but here’s the short version:

Step 1:  You Begin a Diet

  • The restrictive diet deprives your body of essential nutrients
  • When your body does not receive the necessary nutrients, you experience hunger, or on most diets, cravings!
  • You try to exert your will-power to overcome the hunger and cravings
  • Not surprisingly, the unrelenting hunger and cravings prevail – sooner or later

Step 2:  Deprivation Leads to Binging

  • Nutritional deprivation leads, predictably, to binging
  • Having binged, you feel guilty and disgusted with yourself
  • You increase your resolve to exert your will and follow the restrictive diet
  • The cycle repeats – and worsens

Step 3:  Binging (and the Associated Remorse) Lead to Purging

  • Panic from repeated bouts of binging and the fear of the resultant weight gain leads to purging
  • The binge-purge cycle begins
  • Emotional, psychological and physical damage is done

Step 4:  Which Leads to Bulimia

  • Constant malnutrition increases hunger and cravings
  • Guilt from binges results in more self-imposed dietary restrictions
  • Which result in increased hunger and craving
  • Which lead to more binges
  • Which lead to more purges
  • And the cycle repeats and intensifies
  • A new bulimic is born.

Not a pretty picture, I know, but take hope.  There is a way out.

The Bulimia Help Method

Think back to when your own struggle with bulimia began.  Did it start with some sort of restrictive diet?  If the answer is “yes,”  that’s good news – very good news!

If a restrictive diet was the beginning of your journey into bulimia and the “binge/purge” cycle, then you must find a way to undo all the damage you have suffered as a result.  You’ve probably already found out – that’s easier said than done. But, with the right help, it doesn’t really have to be that difficult.

Remember I promised to refer you to the fascinating story of bulimia recovery told by Ali and Richard Kerr?

Back in 2006 Ali Kerr confessed to her husband, Richard, that she suffered from bulimia. Inpatient treatment was too expensive for them and the therapy Ali tried proved to be ineffective for her.

Out of their desperation Ali and Richard began researching and questioning everything they thought they knew about bulimia.

From their research they pioneered a straight forward methodology that allowed Ali to make a full and rapid recovery. Their research, knowledge and personal experience became the foundation of the Bulimia Help Method Recovery Program.  Ali’s and Richard’s story is remarkable and their bulimia recovery program may be just what you are looking for.

If you are struggling with bulimia and need help turning it around, Ali and Richard may be the answer to your prayers.  From their website you can learn how to:

80 medium green e1365904195262 Home  Maintain Your Healthy Weight

80 medium green e1365904195262 Home  Stop Binging and Purging

80 medium green e1365904195262 Home  Join a Successful Recovery Program You Can Do At Home, and

80 medium green e1365904195262 Home  Be a Part of a Supportive Recovery Community

If it sounds like something that could help you, I encourage you to click the Bulimia Help image below.  It will take you to  Ali’s and Richard’s website where you can read more of the details of Ali’s own recovery from bulimia, and her successful bulimia home treatment program that was born out of her struggles with bulimia.

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